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Web tool for home solar systems.


Web tool for home solar systems: estimation of installation costs, savings and final return of investments.

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1BOG (“One Block Off the Grid”) is a San Francisco, California based company which organizes community buying of solar power to make the process more affordable and transparent for residential consumers, and to foster an environment of community activism and responsibility. 1BOG uses community organizing techniques such as house parties, canvassing, and volunteer recruitment in addition to social networking and traditional marketing techniques to obtain a critical mass of consumers in a given city. 1BOG then holds a request for proposal (RFP) for solar installers in the area, choosing a partner company on the criteria of service and price. After selecting a solar provider, 1BOG continues to advise and aid consumers throughout the installation process. 1BOG helps consumers to navigate solar tax incentives, provides financing options and holds educational events.

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