1m3 toilettes séches

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Public toilets that return composted faeces to the natural nutrient cycle


Public toilets working without water. Composted faeces return to the natural nutrient cycle.


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Description of the Process

A composting toilet is a dry toilet that using a predominantly aerobic processing system that treats excreta, typically with no water or small volumes of flush water, via composting or managed aerobic decomposition. Composting toilets may be used as an alternative to flush toilets in situations where there is no suitable water supply or waste treatment facility available or to capture nutrients in human excreta as humanure. The human excrement is normally mixed with sawdust, coconut coir, peat moss to support aerobic processing, absorb liquids, and to reduce the odor. The decomposition process is generally faster than the anaerobic decomposition using in wet sewage treatment systems such as septic tanks.

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