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An integrated purification system to manage the water and waste flows in the kampungs in Bandung.


Key words: integrated water system, water treatment, kampung improvement, reuse waste, waste management, water and waste flows.

Can integrated technologies make a difference in communities with poor living conditions, to improve the water and waste management in a sustainable way that the living quality will increase? This research paper highlights the technical research done to answer this particular question. The research which focuses on technical solutions for the water and waste flows in the urban poor Indonesian kampungs, is aimed to prove an integrated system for managing all the water and waste flows. Aim is to do this in a way that provides the residents with unknown value. This research is twofold; first the existing water flows in the kampungs of Indonesia are researched; the degree of water quality, the needs and wishes of the residents, the existing purification techniques, as well as drink water cleaning as river water, how to connect these flows and what the spatial impact will be. Second, the existing waste flows will be explored; what the value of the waste can be if it is re-used, how it must be processed to accomplish this and how the waste flows must be re-managed to accomplish the system. Promising reference projects will be analysed to discover how certain things are resolved.This technical research will be a guideline for the design of a community building in the kampung Cigondewah, which must be the central point of the re-managed water and waste flows, to improve the living qualities in that kampung.

Written by: Jordy Wilders

This research is part of the graduation studio of Architectural Engineering at the Faculty of Architecture of TUDelft. The aim of the research is to analyse the context and develop program for a new Cyclifier. The research has been conducted under the supervision of Jan Jongert.



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