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Electrical power generation by hydraulic supports for a building.


John Halloran designed a new electrical power generation using hydraulic supports on which a building structure is mounted.

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The present invention (patented in US) relates to a power conversion system that supplies electrical power to buildings or other facilities. The system can be used to meet the load demand for a designated building during the daily peak load hours. In a preferred embodiment, the system can be located in the basement of the building, and includes a plurality of hydraulic support chambers arranged vertically below the building support columns and mounted on the foundation. Each chamber is fitted with an inlet pipe and an outlet pipe at its bottom which is connected to a main header which acts to equalize the level or pressure of the fluid medium within the system. The header connects to a reversible pump/turbine unit which generates electricity when the fluid is allowed to discharge from the hydraulic support chambers, through the hydraulic turbine generator and into an atmospheric fluid reservoir.

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