Close life cycle in the west of Kerkrade

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Reuse a vacant place to produce food and renewable energy for local autarky.


Parkstad area which is in the south of Netherlands is suffering shrinking from last century like other typical old energy-based cities after coal resources are used up. Many negative consequences of Parkstad are gradually exposed in social, energy and food, three aspects. Social problem: shrinking population and vacant buildings, facilities.People started to move out of Parkstad area seeking more opportunities for jobs after mine factories were closed. It caused less and less people living in Parkstad. As the population loss, buildings and utilities of Parkstad which used to serving local people are becoming vacant now. Why does my research respond to social problem? Because social problem is the main reason leading to Parkstad decline. So my research whose purpose is to active local area is unavoidable to face social problem. Energy crisis problem which is not only existed in Parkstad area but also in the worldwide. Today most of energy in the world is provided by fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. These energy sources will be depleted in 50 – 80 years (Sergey S. Fedatsenka, 2014). At the same time, the combustion of these fossil fuels generates CO2, CO, SO2, particals… which pollute the environment badly.  Urban food supplied by rural area is a normal pattern in all the cities including Parkstad. Even though it is not a serious problem, but long distance transportation causes food cost increasing. If cities could supply food for their own citizens, it would be more economic efficient.




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