De Ceuvel

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Short description

Post-industrial land and discarded houseboats transformed into a creative eco-community.


Shipyard polluted with heavy metals in Amsterdam North cleaned with plants, and spaces made from retro-fitted self-sustaining discarded houseboats – housing creative and social companies, and including a public teahouse and bed & breakfast.

Using scavenged waste materials and volunteers, the boats will be fitted with fully renewable energy and water supplies, green roofs, and original cladding. A bamboo walkway will weave over the vegetation.


An oasis of green will be left behind after 10 years, when the houseboats can be hoisted back into the water.

Qualitative Analysis

Description of the Process

'With a cost of only 5,000 euros for materials, the return on investment for the installed clean technologies will be less than three years.'

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