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Production of heat, electricity, synthetic gas and liquid fuels, out of biomass and PV.


European Centre Renewable Energy: Production of heat, electricity, synthetic natural gas and synthetic liquid fuels, out of biomass and photovoltaic.

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The European Centre for Renewable Energy (Germ. abbr. EEE), headquartered in Güssing (southern Burgenland), was founded in 1996. With its employees, currently 14 in number, the EEE develops lasting regional and community-based concepts for energy conservation and for the generation and use of renewable energy.  As a reliable partner in various national and European networks the EEE has gained an excellent reputation in the fields of research and development and project management, and has long been a sought-after coordinating office. The EEE is also a co-founder of Eco Energy Land and acts as an umbrella organisation for all energy-related activities in the Güssing region. It organises lectures and training in the field of renewable energy and tours through Eco Energy Land.

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