Greenmills factory

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A biodiesel factory from waste streams. It also reuses heat and converts reuse Potassium as fertilizer.


Greenmills is a combination of a large biogas plant, a biodiesel factory and a large tank storage facility. Greenmills processes of all sorts of organic waste at the same time to useful sustainable products, such as green electricity, biogas, heat, compost and bio diesel.

Qualitative Analysis

Description of the Process

Greenmill produces 100.000 ton 2nd generation FAME/biodiesel (EN 14214) per year from waste streams. Worldwide an unique factory with a very high efficiency where waste streams from the process are minimized and converted into high-grade end products. For example the full heat capacity needed by the biodiesel factory and the accompanying tank farm (Tank storage Amsterdam, 100,000 m3) is generated from a waste stream. The used Potassium is converted to Potassium Phosphate, a product that can be used as fertiliser. Furthermore, very inferior fats can be upgraded in the build in purifying installation, before entering the actual biodiesel process.

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