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The Guitang Group is a successful eco-industrial park that reuses resources to develop sustainable initiatives driven by a circular economy.


  The Guitang Group is one of the largest sugar refineries in China. The company implements sustainable initiatives within their sugar making production process. They involve small sugar refineries located in or around the city of Guigang in this process. These smaller companies generate pre-2000 levels of 300,000 tons of molasses and 200,000 tons of bagasse, which is a considerable amount of waste. The Guitang Group added both a paper mill and alcohol plant to their sugar refinery to utilize these reusable raw materials to improve its production of alcohol and paper. The Guitang Group recovers 80% of alkali recovery plant from the black liquor, which reduces pollution and reduces input and production costs. They also used the sludge and calcium carbonate energy that would otherwise be considered as waste to build and fuel a new cement plant. To further this environmental endeavor, the Guitang Group decided to explore a variety of fiber sources besides bagassse. For example, locally produced rice waste and bamboo can be reused as a fiber source, also, research from Guangxi University confirms that sucrose ester or fructo-oligosaccharide can also be adopted a fiber source. In 2001, Guitang Group’s facilities were sold to Huaqiang Holdings Limited in Shenzhen, a private Chinese company that works to maintain model of internal symbiosis and a leader in a regional and sustainable eco-industrial network.




Starting date:







  • Labor

    3800 FTE

  • Annuals revenue

    633.000.000 Euros

Material flows

  • Inputs

  • Sugar Refinery
    450000 Tons White and Raw Sugar
  • Alcohol Plant
    10000 Tons Alcohol
  • Pulp Plant
    150000 Tons Pulp
  • Cement Mill
    330000 Tons Cement
  • Outputs

  • 200000 Tons Paper
    Paper Mill
  • 35000 Tons Alkali
    Alkali Recovery
  • 30000 Tons Fertilizer
    Fertilizer Plant
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