Mushroom Material House

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Grown airtight walls and ceiling tiles


Fibrous mycelium acts as a natural glue, bonded with chitin from mushrooms, it excretes compounds that digest and bonds cellulose in agricultural waste such as seed husks, forming a high performance polymer structural composite over time.

Qualitative Analysis

Description of the Process

Zero artificial energy input. Reduction in material manufacturing and product assembly, shorter production cycles and lower costs. No harmful chemicals required. At volume, mushroom materials are cost competitive with petroleum hydrocarbon plastic foams. They are highly biodegradable back into nutrients. The strength and properties of the output can be modified by altering the substrate mixture; more cotton burrs increase the thermal dynamic, more rice hulls makes it more fire-retardant.

Challenges that the project must overcome

Timespan before they start biodegrading and lose efficacy as a construction material?

Details of the processes in the project

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