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Production of Sustainable Energy, Fuel and Food


The Sustainer is a unique solution to create Fuel and Power in remote areas by the company Solarix




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The Sustainer is a unique solution to create Fuel and Power in remote areas. It is a containerized 'power box' for the production of different types of energy. For example in large parts of rural Africa, only 5 to 20% of the population has direct access to electricity. In many situations, access to energy would enable development, higher productivity, better education and the possibility to tap in on locally available resources. This makes expensive imports of mineral fuel superfluous. The Sustainer produces sustainable edible oil, biogas, electricity, animal feed and biodiesel. Local available seeds can be converted to oil, fuel and animal feed. The electricity generated by wind and/or sun can be used directly, supplied to a grid but is automatically 'stored' in the battery pack. This power can be used during evening and nights or in times of low sun and wind availability. The Sustainer is built in a 20ft container frame and can be transported on a standard truck to any harbor and every location around the globe. It can be fully up and running in 12 hours.

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