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Institution which recycles old architectural competition submissions for new applications.


Warehouse for architectural recycling. Institution which archives competition submissions and auctions them off for new applications.

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W.A.R. is a global network that aims to exalt losing ideas of the past and find new applications for them. In its multiple capacities W.A.R. acts as an archive, curator, auction house, sales representive and research centre. Department of Unusual Certainties was recently awarded honourable mention for their contribution [Warehouse of Architectural Recycling (W.A.R.)] to Conditions Magazine’s “Tell Them What They Need Competition” concerning the future of competitions. The central aim of W.A.R. is to find new uses for rejected competition ideas. W.A.R. facilitates an elaborate auctioning process, whereby special architectural agents are invited to raid the archives, root out prospective sale items, and contact potential clients to take part in an auction. Since most projects will require tweaking in order to fit their new locales, the agent is also charged with the task of selling the skills of the architect, who will be granted the commission to prepare the drawings for the new location. The agent and architect split the winnings upon a successful sale.

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