Abuja Smart City

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Biomimicry principles applied to a new city district in Nigeria


The ambitions are to make the district function like a mature ecosystem; emulating a circular metabolism, high species diversity, weblike food chain, adaptive decentralised infrastructure, with aim to creating ‘cooperative relationships across socio-economic boundaries and underpinned by good quality feedback loops of information’. ‘What makes nature‚Äôs systems function so effectively is the fact that there is no stasis. There is constant and perpetual flow. Of energy, of nutrients, of materials and of information.’ An ‘African rediscovery.’




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Qualitative Analysis

Description of the Process

Resources and materials will be generated, used and disposed of as efficiently as possible, emphasising circular re-use. The model will use a self-contained but inter-dependent cellular arrangement. Agricultural green belts will follow natural water courses throughout the city. Priority given to pedestrian and non-motorised transport.

Details of the processes in the project

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