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An investigation into actors that enable intra-urban metabolism. Paper by J. Jongert, N. Nelson and G. Korevaar,


The term “cyclifier” is introduced to identify a type of actor that improves the metabolic efficiency of an urban system. The research investigated practical case studies of industrial ecology within architecture, infrastructure, and planning. The definition of cyclifiers is derived from patterns of starting conditions, roles, and material flows found in analyzed case studies. Cyclifiers are defined as metabolic processors that decrease system-level inputs and outputs by operating in ecological niches, creating symbiotic connections, and increasing resource efficiency. The potential utility of the term in the discourse of industrial ecology is to describe actors that improve intra-urban metabolism.

Material flow accounting theory and ecological systems theory were used to investigate potential cyclifier cases. The research found that cyclifiers operate in ecological niches with material and policy dimensions, perform supply-demand matching and transformational processing activities, inputs may be from point or nonpoint sources, and outputs either directly substitute existing demand or create novel flows that replace existing demand pathways with resource-efficient activities.

Download the full article here:Cyclifiers paper 2015

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