Sportive Crematorium

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Short description

Sports center warmed up using heat from the crematorium incinerators.


An energy saving scheme to power a leisure centre using heat from the crematorium next door.


  • Investment

    39.000 Euros

Material flows

  • Inputs

  • Crematorium
  • Outputs

Qualitative Analysis

Description of the Process

On February 2011, Redditch council in Worcestershire (UK) decided to save energy and money, by heating a leisure centre and swimming pool using heat generated by the crematorium next door. Work began this summer to divert waste heat, previously escaping into the sky from the crematorium's chimney, into a re-developed leisure centre that will include a brand new 25-metre swimming pool. For the first time in UK, 100 per cent of the energy generated from the flue gas cleaning process at the crematorium will successfully be transferred. Installing the necessary equipment, including the laying of insulated pipes to carry the heat away from sensitive burial areas, will cost £39,000 but will result in a saving of £14,560 a year. This is because the heat from the crematorium is expected to meet 42 per cent of the centre's total heating demands.

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